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Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) applicable to all services and products offered on Tokenstore. Please read them carefully, as well as our Privacy Policy, before proceeding, as they set out the contractual basis for any transactions occurring on Tokenstore. “Tokenstore” is an e-commerce platform accessible via the website ( or via the app Tokenstore.

By continuing to use Tokenstore, you (“Customer”) are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Terms, as well as to the Privacy Policy, when purchasing services and products from Tokenstore.

1. The Tokenstore Company

These Terms are agreed between you and the following counterparty, depending on what you are using Tokenstore for:

  • if you are purchasing Gift Card Products, in any jurisdiction, your direct counterparty is Tokenstore.

You can contact the Tokenstore directly by email to

2. The Gift Card and Top-Up Products.

Tokenstore is an electronic commerce platform specialized in the resale of closed-loop gift cards, vouchers and phone top-ups (“Product” or “Products”), of fixed or variable amounts, in different currencies, that can be redeemed by the Customer at the issuer’s store, in exchange for services and products offered by such issuer.

Tokenstore offers different Products depending on the Customer’s country. Tokenstore allows the Customer to select their country and displays all the offers available in that country. Tokenstore does not guarantee that a Product purchased from one country page will work when used in a different country and therefore strongly advises Customers to read the terms and conditions of each particular Product. Although we strive to present updated terms and conditions for all products, we do not make any representation in that regard. You should confirm the applicable terms and conditions of the Product you are purchasing from us directly on the website of the issuer of each product.

Some Products sold are geographically limited to certain countries. In these cases, if you are attempting to purchase from a country that is not allowed by a Product’s terms and conditions, such purchase will not be possible.

Upon selection and payment, the Customer will receive access to the Product either on screen or by email to their email account.

Products can be delivered as sealed or unsealed. Products are delivered as sealed by default. The Customer may change this setting on their account. A sealed Product is essentially a right to claim a Product at a later stage. This allows Customers to safely preserve the Product until the moment of redemption. To the extent receiving a sealed Product does not render the Product unusable, a sealed Product may also be exchanged or refunded – see below “Refunds”. An unsealed Product is an alphanumeric code representing the Product. Orders are processed immediately and the Products are delivered (sealed or unsealed) either immediately or within a few minutes of receiving a successful payment, depending on the Product purchased. There can be delays that are outside of our control, such as, but not limited to: (i) force majeure; (ii) unexpected outages; (iii) failure to send a correct payment.

Tokenstore will endeavour to keep expected timescales transparent, but shall not be held responsible for delays and losses caused by the Customer or third parties.

In case your Product does not arrive within 30 minutes of successful payment, please contact

3. The payment

The Products can be purchased by the Customer either (i) directly with a cryptocurrency, (ii) via a third-party payment provider, in either fiat or cryptocurrency or (iii) via a Tokenstore gift card (“Balance Card”) or balance (“Balance”).

Payment with crypto

Customers may choose to pay directly with one of the cryptocurrencies accepted at the time of purchase by Tokenstore or by using a third-party crypto payment service that is available at the check-out. These payments may be subject to fees and confirmation time, as stated in Tokenstore or in the terms and conditions of such third-party providers.

Payment with fiat

Customers may also choose to pay using their Mastercard or Visa payment card. Such payments are processed by a third-party provider, identified on the payment page, whose terms and conditions apply. Tokenstore does not have access to your payment details, which are inserted by you directly into the secure payment gateway of the third-party provider.

4. Availability of Third-Party Services.

The proper functioning of Tokenstore depends on its interaction with several third-party providers.

Transactions may, from time to time, fail due to technical or other reasons. Customers therefore acknowledge that we may not be liable for a technical issue that may affect their transaction. Whenever a transaction fails due to technical reasons, a Customer may qualify for a refund. Please see the “Refunds” section below to know more.

5. Limitations of use.

We implement certain purchasing thresholds in accordance with our Anti-Money Laundering Policy, depending on the level of account of the Customer. All limits are presented in USD but apply to the equivalent amount in other currencies. Different limits can be implemented on a product by product, or customer by customer, basis, at the request of Product Issuers or discretionarily by us.

Any Customer using more than one Tokenstore account, or any other expedient, in order to circumvent the limits below, is in breach of these Terms and can have its account, or accounts, suspended until customer due diligence is successfully completed.

To the extent necessary under applicable laws and regulations or our internal policies, such illegal circumvention of the use limitations may be reported to the relevant authorities, whenever it reveals, in our sole understanding, signs of suspicious activity.

1. Customers without accounts

Maximum orders per day: 15 (fifteen)

Maximum purchasing limits: 500 USD per day and 1.000 USD per month

2. Customers with basic accounts

Maximum orders per day: 15 (fifteen)

Maximum purchasing limits: Up to 2.000 USD per card, up to 5.000 USD per day, up to 10.000 USD per month (different exceptional thresholds may apply to certain Products)

6. Expiration dates.

Expiration dates are dates after which Products may not be redeemable.

The following expiration dates apply:

  • To sealed Products, one year after the date of purchase if the Product remains sealed;
  • To unsealed Products, terms and conditions of the issuer of the Product apply.

Products that were unsealed (either by default or by the Customer) are not covered by the guarantee above and redeeming them (or obtaining a refund or replacement) past the expiration date is subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the Product you are purchasing before buying or unsealing it, and contact the issuer’s customer support if you have any issues.

7. Refunds.

As explained above in “Availability of Third-Party Services”, the purchase of Products through Tokenstore depends on the proper functioning of third-party systems.

Therefore, from time to time, the failure of such systems may cause a transaction to fail, meaning:

  • The Customer did not receive the Product;
  • The Product was received, but cannot be redeemed on account of it having been previously redeemed; or
  • The Product was received, but cannot be redeemed on account of it not being valid.

In case the Customer does not receive the Product after having paid and appropriate diligences are made by us to provide for the delivery of the Product or understand the cause of the delay, the Customer may request for a refund.

In case the Product was received but cannot be redeemed, the Customer shall inform us. We will then start appropriate diligence with the relevant third-party providers in order to correct the issue. Should the third-party provider fail to correct the issue and agree to refund us, we will then refund the Customer.

Please note that due to the nature of the Products, the Customer does not have a cooling-off period of any kind after acquiring an unsealed Product or after unsealing a sealed Product. Once a Product is unsealed, no refunds or reimbursements will be offered unless in the cases where the product delivered is invalid or had already been redeemed prior to delivery.

In case of technical error causing the Product not to be delivered to the Customer, we will refund the Customer in full by crediting its Tokenstore Balance or with a return transaction in the same cryptocurrency.

In case of overpayment, a Customer may also request a refund in the amount paid in excess, deducted from any transaction fees.

Please note that we do not, in any event, refund any transaction fees paid by the Customer that are specific to the payment option selected by the Customer.

We reserve the right to refuse refunds when the costs of refunding exceed the amount to be refunded. The amount of time required to process any refunds request will vary and may take some time.

We also reserve the right to ask you for further information before issuing refunds.

For the purposes of requesting a refund or any further information, the Customer shall contact or use the chat available at Tokenstore.

8. Disclaimers related to the Product.

We are a reseller of the Product. We are not the creator, designer, issuer, organizer, beneficiary or manager of the Product (the “Issuer”), nor have we played any role in deciding the terms and conditions applicable to each Product. Therefore, we are not liable for any issue, damage or loss arising from the terms and conditions of each individual Product.

We are not sponsored by any Issuer, nor are we related, acting on behalf of or under the express authorisation of any Issuer. We are liable for any malfunction or any infringement of applicable rules caused by the Issuer.

The Customer, by acquiring the Product, is also entering into a contractual relationship with the Issuer, to which we are a third-party, against which the contractual defences and rights arising from the relationship between Customer and Issuer shall not apply.

The Customer shall engage in adequate due diligence regarding the terms and conditions of the Product being acquired, in what respects its usability and enforcement against the Issuer. We will not accept any liability for any claims in relation thereto. Those terms and conditions govern the Product acquired.

Customers acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any decision or policy of the Issuer to refuse to accept the Product on the grounds of the terms and conditions that the Issuer applies in relation to the Product.

We make no representation regarding the Product’s suitability for its intended use and make no other guarantees, warranties or representations in respect of the Product.

9. Responsibility of the Customer.

The Customer is fully liable for any mistakes, losses or damages (against himself, us, or any third-party) arising from (i) the provision of incorrect, inaccurate or fake information and from (ii) the acquisition, resale, use or other related activities of the Product, in a manner that infringes any applicable laws, regulations, contractual terms and conditions or other agreements.

For the avoidance of doubt, when the Product being purchased is a refill of a prepaid SIM card (or any other Product that is redeemed by the Customer through Tokenstore), the Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information inserted on the platform (including, but not limited to, the phone number, the country, the network operator and the amount of the top-up) and we shall not be liable, in any case, for any consequences arising from the inaccuracy of the elements provided by the Customer.

Likewise, in other cases, the Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy, validity and correctness of the information inserted on the platform (including, but not limited to, the email address to which the Product must be delivered and the amount purchased).

The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its password and account and for any activities and transactions that occur under its account. Each customer must have unique login credentials that may not be shared by multiple customers.

We shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by you to protect your password or account. If you suspect there has been unauthorized access to your account, contact immediately.

10. Unlawful use.

Tokenstore and the Products shall not be used, in any way, to infringe or circumvent the applicable laws and regulations and any unlawful behavior is absolutely forbidden on Tokenstore.

Should we become aware, or reasonably suspect, that a Customer is conducting unlawful activities, or otherwise breaking applicable laws and regulations, or third-party rights, such Customer activities, including but not limited to its purchase history and other data pertaining to its account, will be reported to the relevant authorities, and its access may be restricted until further notice.

Any such Customer hereby acknowledges and consents to such disclosures.

Tokenstore is also entitled to freeze any existing balances and/or accounts for as long as needed for the purpose of investigating suspicious behavior. We may be required to not disclose any such ongoing investigations to Customers, in which case we will keep them confidential. Any funds held as credit in Tokenstore and found to be proceedings of crime may be seized and delivered to legal authorities.

Customers are intended end-users of the Products. If you want to purchase Products for resale, please reach out to us at and we will guide you through the process. If we suspect you are buying Products for resale, we may freeze your account until you verify as a Corporate Customer.

Furthermore, Customers agree to not abuse the Tokenstore platform by:

  • engaging in actions which impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
  • employing uses of robots, spider or other automated means to access, or when accessing, Tokenstore;
  • interfering with, intercepting, modifying or expropriating any system, data, or information from Tokenstore serves;
  • transmitting or uploading any material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, or any other harmful or deleterious programs;
  • attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Tokenstore Services, other Tokenstore accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the Tokenstore servers through password mining or any other means.

11. Re-sale.

Unless expressly agreed in a contract between Tokenstore and the Customer, Products purchased through Tokenstore may not be re-sold and shall be redeemed only either by the Customer, on the Customer’s behalf or by someone to whom the Customer has gifted the Product.

12. Limitation of Liability.

Some jurisdictions limit the ability to disclaim liability. With regard to those jurisdictions, our liability shall be limited to the greatest extent permitted by applicable law.

Our team. No members of our team (including employees, contractors, directors, management members and other collaborators) shall have any liability based upon customer’s use of, or reliance upon, Tokenstore or the Products purchased.

Customer decisions. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not responsible for any decision you make, or action you take, based on your visit to Tokenstore or the information obtained therein.

Accuracy of information. We shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials on Tokenstore.

Security. We work hard to keep Tokenstore secure. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for viruses, malware or other malicious or damaging software on Customer’s devices. Please ensure that your own computer security is comprehensive and up to date.

Third-party content. This website may include links to third-party websites, plug-ins and applications. For example: if we link you to a tweet on Twitter, or to a post on Medium, or to the Terms & Conditions page of one of the Issuers of the Products, from the moment you click on that link, we are no longer responsible for the content you are seeing or have access to. We do not control these third-party websites and do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for third-party sites available through Tokenstore, via hyperlink or otherwise, nor their respective contents, hyperlinks or security flaws. We encourage any Customer to review the terms of use applicable to those sites. Any access to, or use of, a third-party site is solely at the Customer’s own risk.

13. Personal Data Protection and Privacy.

We take the privacy and protection of the personal data of our Customers very seriously.

Customers shall visit and review our Privacy Policy to know more about how we process and protect their data and shall not proceed with using Tokenstore if it does not agree and consent with it.

14. Amendments to the Terms.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any point, without any obligation of prior and/or public notice. As such, Customers shall refer to the present hyperlink before each navigation of Tokenstore.

15. Intellectual Property.

We reserve all rights with respect to the design and content of Tokenstore. In particular, Customer must not misappropriate the design or content of Tokenstore and must not alter or deface such design or content in any way. Nothing on Tokenstore grants any license with respect to such design or content and any use by the Customer or a third-party must be authorized in writing by us.

All text, photos, graphics, logos, content and other materials on Tokenstore (including, but not limited to, the word “Tokenstore”, the “Tokenstore” logo and other related and ancillary elements) are protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable laws in the several jurisdictions where we act. In particular, all trademarks, trade names and logos displayed on Tokenstore are our property.

Tokenstore grants no license to use any such text, photos, graphics, logos, content and other materials.

We and our affiliates will pursue all available legal remedies against any infringement of our intellectual property rights.

Excepted from the foregoing are the logos and trademarks used to signal the third-party providers to which each Product refer to. Such logos and trademarks are used to make reference to the Product and the Issuer, and in no way are we claiming, or representing, any sort of ownership, license, authorization, partnership or agreement with the owners or holders of the rights of such logos or trademarks, the Products or the Issuers. Such logos and trademarks belong to their lawful owners and are used in Tokenstore with the sole purpose of identifying the origin or intended use of the Product on sale.

16. Customer service.

We welcome our Customer’s questions and suggestions.

On Tokenstore, there is a chat function that allows Customers to connect with a customer service representative that will reply to any queries in the shortest time possible.

We do our best to reply within the first 24 hours, but we may take longer, depending on the issue and the number of requests we are getting from time to time.

In case the Customer, for any reason. needs to get in contact with us, please use the following address –

17. Miscellaneous.

If it is illegal or prohibited in the Customer’s country of origin to access or use Tokenstore, or to buy or use any of the Products, then the Customer shall not do so and in doing so is breaching these Terms.

Those who choose to access Tokenstore access it on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with all local laws and regulations.

You should be at least 16 years old (or higher, if a higher age is required in your juridisction in order for you to be able to legally conclude a contract) to use Tokenstore services, or otherwise duly authorised and supervised by your parents.

These Terms, the transactions between Customers and us made through Tokenstore, and any disputes relating to these Terms or the Customer’s use of Tokenstore, shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Sweden and shall be resolved exclusively in the courts of Sweden.

These Terms, together with the Privacy Policy set forth the entire agreement between the Customer and us with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements relating to such subject matter. They remain in force for as long as you remain a Customer.

All our team members, including officers, employees and contractors, and related entities, are intended third-party beneficiaries of these Terms. Theirs, and our rights under these Terms may be waived by them or by us only in writing.

The English version of these Terms and any other rules available in Tokenstore shall prevail over any translations available in Tokenstore.

In the event any provision of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed severed from the remainder of these Terms and replaced with a valid and enforceable provision as similar in intent as reasonably possible to the provision so severed, and shall not cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of these Terms.